What types of circuits could I use and how might they enhance student learning in my content area.

I love this week’s topic as it really has me thinking outside of the box for connections of circuits and culinary. There are a lot more relatable experiences than I would have even imagined. I really enjoyed viewing the TedTalk with Annmarie Thomas as she described the simple ways to use dough to conduct electricity. Instantly, I thought how awesome would this be for a food science class, which I currently teach! Preparing homemade dough with different products would lead to a great discussion into understanding the properties of ingredients and their role in cooking, through circuit work and squishy circuits. This is a must to try out! 

Coin battery operated LED lights are another great way to pull circuit work into the classroom or use in an afterschool program. I like the example provided to create an origami balloon mood light- I think this would fit perfectly with my after school club called Life Hacks which focuses on DIY projects, information students need to know when they graduate and other real-world experiences to help them figure out what they enjoy and are good at! 

Furthermore, another way to incorporate circuits is through throwies! This is something that can be done inexpensively with a battery, tape, magnet and LED light, making each one around $1 in price. I had not heard about these until now, and I want to get involved in the throwie movement in NYC! I think it is a creative way to decorate the community.



One thought on “What types of circuits could I use and how might they enhance student learning in my content area.”

  1. Hi Ashley,
    What a great tool this would be in your classroom! The idea that the students would actually get to make the ingredients, and doing an extension by asking and discussing the different properties of each of those ingredients would be great! So engaging and fun!

    Thanks for sharing!

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