Tinkering with Blogging

When it comes to blogging it is always important to think about what the audience sees. You want your blog to be engaging, direct and clear. Graphics are what makes blogs appealing, so I was excited to add pictures that correlated with each post. In addition, it was fun to navigate through text colors, backgrounds and adding components to the blog. I had a few problems with getting the layout to be what I expected, so trial and error was the best way to achieve the desired look. Honestly, just playing around allowed me to improve my blog.

One thought on “Tinkering with Blogging”

  1. Ashley,
    I really like your header photo in your blog. It is bright, vibrant, and engaging. I am trying to find more ‘pop-out’ images that I can integrate into my blog that’ll captivate my audience. I agree with you that just playing around with different features makes us more comfortable using them and adds more substance to our blogs. Great work!

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