How could the use of wearable/fabric technologies enhance my curriculum?

What if the chef coat had a technology transformation equipped with fans, microchips and computer screens?  Roberta Donato, proposed a theory for a new chef coat redesigned with technology in mind. 

Picture by Roberta Donato, source: 

After reviewing her sketch, I found it completely intriguing in terms of design and technological advances. Having interactive computer screens would allow for chefs to access information quickly, fans for cooling around the neck, heat sensors, and magnets would improve the chef jacket immensely.  This would be something to bring up to students as this could be a great discussion and could be turned into a lesson for students to create their own chef jacket with technological adjustments. 

When it comes to wearable/fabric technologies, there are many avenues that could be taken, such as iWatches, GoPros and light up/ motion sensored items. Using GoPros in the culinary classroom would allow for students to create their own videos, hands free which is a win for sanitation! They could create videos that are similar to the popular ‘Tasty’ videos. 

Another way to include wearable technology in the class would be using Google Glass, would would allow my students to watch a video of my on their smartphone/ school device and copy the process as they work in the kitchen. This would change the dynamic of cooking labs forever!

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4 thoughts on “How could the use of wearable/fabric technologies enhance my curriculum?”

  1. Ashley,
    It never ceases to amaze me how everything we talk about in class can be applied to every subject area! I think using the GoPros in class would be great for kids. Just as you said, they could view the videos made by others as well as yours. They could also create their own to share with their classmates! Also the design for the advanced chef’s coat looks awesome. I’m sure students would have some great ideas for their own designs as well!
    -Great Post!
    -Anthony Marino

  2. Hello!

    This design for a chef’s coat is remarkable! I am thinking this could really revolutionize the cooking industry. Also, what a great training tool this could be for young up and coming chefs like the ones you teach.
    I’m not sure how far away something like this is from being common, but I would love to go to restaurants and see chef wearing these everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Hi Ashley,

    I love your take on this weeks topic! Having students create their own chef’s coat puts the students in a real world experience as they plan for what it really might be like in the kitchen! Other tech like VR would be a great way for them to be in the real situation as well. I feel like this can be a difficult idea to wrap our heads around for content like yours and I love your ideas!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Ashley! I made sure to stop by your blog, because I remembered you are a culinary teacher! I was interested to see what a teacher in another content area thought about this week’s idea and discussion topic; you did not disappoint! This image would be an awesome way to get students talking: “If you could design a perfect chef coat, with no limitations, what would it look like? What kind of features would it have?” I always forget how creative students are until I give them these kinds of open-ended questions. If you then showed them this sketch presented in your post, and introduced how wearable technology can be integrated into the kitchen, I really think you’d capture your audience’s attention and get them thinking.

    Have a great week!


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